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Why FierceMODA?

We all know we show up differently in the world when we know we look good! FierceMODA is about confidence and empowerment. That's why we have the tagline: Confidence is armor you could not buy...until now.

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In love!
You guys! I know I’m a little late but can I tell you how much I LOVE the leather shorts? Perfectly stretchy and comfy even on the hottest days!
Kristi V. Indy
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I Really Really Love It!
It's soft like buttah! Oh my god, it is SOOO soft. I am totally wearing this dress tomorrow.
Janet B. Boston
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Home / Work / Workout success
The high waisted leggings are so comfy! A little higher in the front and not too tight - just the way I like ‘em, and the cardi was a perfect tie together that took me from meetings to yoga without breaking a sweat 😉!
Erin C. Toronto