Create Confidence Challenge Day 4

Create Confidence Challenge Day 4

It’s day 4, and there’s no better time to add some glam to your life on purpose. 

You’re not into GLAM? ;) 

It’s ok anything works here.  I’m not picky about the how.

Today we are taking a few minutes to think about your confidence inspiration. 

What kind of confidence do you want to throw off? 

Confidence is different in everyone. 

Let’s find out what confidence you want to have so we can create the map to get there!

Today’s post will walk you through imagining your vision and figuring out how to implement some of it now.

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This week has been about challenging your thoughts. 

You might have found it frustrating, or difficult..

But hopefully you have been enlightened!

Thoughts are an important piece of creating confidence and truly changing your life.

But we can’t be sitting home and thinking all day. 

We need to act. And little by little slight changes in our actions will make a big difference. 

These little acts will create more and more confidence! 

Today we’re focusing on how you show up in the world. And I mean how you show up physically. (notice this ties in so well with FierceMODA’s movement).

How you show up in the way you dress and what you wear has a MASSIVE impact on your mood, but so many women don’t take advantage of this daily opportunity to boost their confidence and step out into the world more confident! 

Too many women “save” their special outfits for special occasions. What?!

Or what’s even worse...not wearing what they really want to wear because they are afraid of what people will think! 

If you know me, I am overdressed almost every time. And it's OK! 

Those leather leggings can be worn at any time. (Yes I wear my leather legging ALL the time!)

Showing up in the world in a way that looks like the person you want to be makes a big difference in how you feel and act!

I’m talking about wearing something you love, or something you’ve always wanted to dare to wear. 

Today’s challenge walks you through this step into boldness.

Answer these questions.

  1. Write a description of the kind of confidence you want to exude—
    What does the woman who has that confidence present herself? We’re not talking about height or weight or body shape. We’re talking about style. How does she carry herself?
    -A bombshell?
    -A prepster?
    -A feminine hippie? 
    Imagine the woman whose style you want to inhabit, and describe it.
  1. What is ONE thing you can wear or do with your appearance that will make you feel more like you? 


Make a point of adorning yourself at least once a week from now on!

Let me know how you did!

Stay Fierce!



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