Create Confidence Challenge Day 5

Create Confidence Challenge Day 5

It’s so easy to get used to self-doubt, isn’t it? We just push through to get through the day, feeling sh*tty about ourselves and then numb our feelings with wine, pizza, or Netflix (or all 3!) on the couch once we get home.

(Now listen: I love all those things, but I enjoy them and not use them to numb my feelings.)

Today you’re going to imagine what life would be like if you had the self-confidence of your dreams. 

The reason why is this: Once you see how you want to be, once you see how your life will be like with all the self-confidence you want, then you will want to go through these steps we’ve been speaking about for the past four days and you will want to go through them MANY TIMES! 

Knowing why it matters will give you the reason you need to stick with changing those bs thought patterns long after this challenge has ended.

Today you will learn how your self-doubt is sabotaging your dreams and how self-confidence would help you achieve them. 

It’s your time to make your dreams come true!

Sometimes it can feel like your lack of self-confidence is no big deal. Everyone has some insecurities, right? What’s the big deal?

IT’S A BIG DEAL! Why? Anxiety and self-doubt are holding you back from having the life you truly want. The life of your dreams. I know because I’ve been where you are, I’ve lived it. Now I’ve experienced what lies on the other side. 

It seems as though women are socialized to be anxious and insecure and to question themselves constantly. (Fashion magazines anyone?) So it begins to seem normal. It’s around us constantly. It is the norm! What we see around us are accomplished beautiful smart women who also hate something about themselves and not feel good enough. We start to accept this as the status quo, and we white-knuckle it  through our self-basing, negative self-talk, self-loathing every day and then collapse in an exhausted lump on the couch at night to numb out with wine, pizza, or Netflix.

What if getting through every day wasn’t this exhausting obstacle bs of self-critical thoughts, anxiety and shame?! That’s what I want you to imagine for today’s challenge.

Answer these questions:

  1. Write a description of your dream life. Use these questions to get you started.
    1. Where would you live? 
    2. What relationships do you have? Romantic, friendships, professional, family, etc?
    3. What is your career? Are you employed or self-employed? 
    4. What do you do in your free time? 
    5. How do you FEEL about yourself? 
    6. What is your self- talk like?

  2. Now look at your dream life you just wrote down. What would you need to change currently to get there? How would increasing your self-confidence get you there?


Pick ONE thing from your dream life. Create a plan to start moving towards it. What are three actions you are doing to take?

Tell me how you did!

Stay Fierce!




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