Happiness Is A Choice You Make Every Day

Happiness Is A Choice You Make Every Day

Are you a glass half full or half empty person?

There are always two sides to every story and you have a choice in how you view things. And that choice determines how happy you feel. Happiness becomes a choice you make every single day.

You can choose to see the glass as half empty, focus on the fact that you’re almost done drinking that nice glass of wine. With that attitude, you’re more likely to feel a little depressed about your wine.

If on the other hand you focus on the fact that the glass is still half full and you have plenty of delicious, wine sip on, your mood improves and you’re increasing your happiness.

When you look at it that way, happiness really is a conscious choice you make, at least to a point. From what I’ve been reading 40% off your happiness is directly affected by how you think and how you choose to feel. And that’s what the next posts are all about. Over the coming days I will post here on the blog with tips, advice, and strategies to help you make a conscious decision to be happier. Ready to join me?

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Here’s why I decided to do this: Since happiness is a choice, and a choice we make every single day, I want to challenge you to make it a habit. Over the coming days, I want to inspire and encourage you to make a choice each morning to be happier.

It takes time and a daily conscious decision to change habits and how we approach life. That’s where the challenge comes into play. The idea is that you have a reminder here on the blog and via email to help you remember to make that choice. Of course there will also be plenty of helpful content on the topic of happiness in the form of a new blog post. At the end of the challenge, I hope you have formed new habits, new ways of thinking, and new ways to look at each situation as it arises. With a little shift in thinking and perception, you can craft a happier, more fulfilling life for yourself. I hope this challenge will help you get there.

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