How Do I Gain Self Confidence?

How Do I Gain Self Confidence?

Self Confidence

We’re not born with it.

It’s not with us all the time.

We can have it and it can be gone in a flash.

It seems that the majority of women have an issue with it.

Sometimes we have it and sometimes we don’t.

We unconsciously focus on ourselves but have you noticed that we may not step up to the “mic” (per se) in life? In certain situations?

Were you afraid to raise your hand in class? Were you intimidated to speak up in a meeting?

So the question is: How do we create the feeling of self-confidence? How do we build the belief in ourselves to push the limits of our abilities? How do we continue to try, even at the risk of “failing”?

These are a few steps we can start taking for ourselves to gain self-confidence.

1. You are in control. You are responsible for your life.

You. You are the only one who can make new things happen for you. If you feel that something will just come to you, it won’t. Take responsibility for your emotions and your actions. If you want to be more self-confident then Step 1 is acknowledging that YOU are the one who can do something about it and you WILL do something about it.


2. Try one small thing that is new and different for you.

Take an online class in something you have always wanted to learn but too “afraid” to try. And before you start saying “that costs money” here are some free classes you can take:

a.Harvard free classes

b.EdX free classes


Something else you can do: learn how to fix something yourself in the house. YouTube is GREAT for this. The more you DO things and finish them, the more confidence in yourself grows!


3. Make a plan! Then DO the plan!

People usually forget the doing part! I used to write a TON of To-Do lists. All. The. Time. I would never get them done.

Figure out what it is that you want to achieve, is it having the courage to speak up? Is it having the confidence to look people in the eye? Determine what the action steps you will take that will help you reach this goal.

Most important is to MAKE NO EXCUSES. Every small action step you take gives you more confidence in yourself!


4. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Stay with it. Over and over and over. Practice makes permanent. True confidence comes from repeating something again and again and again. This is because the belief in yourself is becoming stronger.


5. Act “AS IF”!

This is my ultimate favorite. You ACT AS IF you are already that person. Psychology is a powerful thing, if you act as that strong confident person would act then your inward feelings and beliefs will follow. With time. Keep at it!


6. Find a “Mentor” or community

Would you ask a broke person for money advice? No.

Do you know someone who is confident and helps others find their confidence?

That is what I do. This is what FierceMODA is all about.

This is one of the main reasons why FierceMODA was created! I created a movement disguised as a clothing line to empower women every day. This is part of my mission statement. So be part of this movement to help strengthen your inner confidence and silence your self-doubt once and for all!

Join the free community here:


See your confident self soon XO,


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