I’m About to Throw Away 6 College Degrees And 2 Decades in Corporate to Make An Impact!

I’m About to Throw Away 6 College Degrees And 2 Decades in Corporate to Make An Impact!

This is for those women who want to make a difference in the world and leave a lasting impact on it.

Imagine this. If all your memories, everything that you know up until now, all the skills you have were to be put in your younger self, let's say when you were just 18 years old, what could you do with your new life?

What changes would you make to your life to give you guaranteed success in your new future?

  • You could avoid some of the mistakes you made on your way to leaning right from the wrong?(*not the good ones of course…)
  • You could give your life a better direction sooner.
  • You would know what works and what doesn't in the real world.

Now, imagine again. What if you could gain the knowledge, experience, and skills of your 40-year old or 50-year old version?

What could you do with all that wisdom? I can tell you exactly ‘what’. You can focus all your energy onto the one thing that would make the highest impact on the world. You could focus all your energy into what you wanted to be.


It Started Over 2 Decades Ago


I was young and had a burning passion inside of me to matter, to make something out of myself. 

Sound familiar? 

We all have that when we were young. A lot of us just give it up as we grow older.

I acquired 3 Bachelor degrees in Science in quick succession. Soon, dual Masters in Molecular Biology and Microbiology followed. You probably see where I’m going, right? I wanted to cure everything from the common cold to cancer.

It took me years to learn that the world of research is not powered by Science; it is run by business.

So like any sane person, I added an MBA to my already expanding list of “qualifications”. I felt I was prepared to make my mark. Why wouldn’t I? I had been honing myself for over two decades now!

It hurts me to admit that it did not make any difference, well to be clear, the difference I wanted in the world!

My most significant moments as a living, breathing person on this planet came from somewhere else – from something that I had never considered before.

After gaining 6 degrees and persistently climbing the corporate ladder for over 2 decades, I realized the secret to making the maximum impact in one’s life – alone, you can do only so much; but together, you are unstoppable!

I realized that empowering women will not only impact their lives but everyone around them! It’s a massive ripple effect.

Every one of us has been through hell and back. We women have managed every role, we carried or were pushed into, as an independent woman, a spouse, a mother, or daughter, all juggling our career, life goals, and balancing a home.

We never had the luxury of time for ourselves, but we didn’t whine like a Disney princess waiting for our Prince Charming to save the day. We took control and achieved in just decades what most do over a lifetime or never do.

It is time we reclaim our identity. It is time we reclaim our passion. It is time we reignite the fire that we buried deep within us.

We intend to be superheroes of our fields, and still being the supermoms for our children.

We are beautiful. We have the strength of the warrior. We are unstoppable.

And so FierceMODA was born. After years of wishing, wanting, waiting it’s coming. And it’s going to be one hell of a ride <3 


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