What do women want in clothing?

What do women want in clothing?

Your closet. A mecca and sanctuary. Right?

HA! Maybe, but the majority might say, no!

The thing about clothes is that it is an expression and extension of you. FierceMODA likes to call their movement “Empowerment, disguised as clothing”. You’re unique and your style shows your personality. But usually, finding just the right clothing, the right fit, the right style is usually a b!tch.

Something that would seem to be so enjoyable, that fantasy of going to the stores and spending on just the right outfits, never seems right.

Here are 3 clothing features that we women should want that will make our clothing so much more enjoyable.

  1. In fashion, at all times

We want to have something that seems trendy, in style, but we don’t want it to be obsolete the next month. I love clothes, don’t get me wrong, but I also like to have something that I can wear more than once. We need to have a few pieces that no matter what year it is, it will always be in style. They are called staples, much like this Let's Get Knotted Sleeveless Top which adds chic dimension to your casual look or office look with it’s flattering, form-fitting, relaxed V-neck sleeveless top finished with a gathered side-knot detail.

A truly versatile shirt that can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair it with and how you accessorize it. It’s great for the hotter months and is so easy to layer over during the cooler months! Especially with a cardigan like this Not Business All the Time Sheer Sleek Black Cardigan.

Find a few pieces like these and you can wear them multiple times in multiple ways.  


  1. Flatters YOUR Shape

Now we’re talking! This is exactly what I preach. We need to know what will make us feel most confident and show up fully in life. This means that there are certain styles that will complement our body best.

This doesn’t mean you can never wear a crop top or bell bottoms. Hell, I am ALL for wearing whatever you want! I’m also for learning what you feel the absolute best in, and that is to find the best styles that suit your body.

Some sites will actually have items that are categorized by which shape they will look best on. FierceMODA does this with their Shop By Shape.

Life will be so much easier when you know exactly, for example, what flatters your rectangle shape or your pear shape. You will be able to grab pieces with ease knowing your inverted triangle body shape will rock that Sweetest Desire Royal Blue Peplum Top.

Find out what body shape you are with a body calculator like this one and start shopping!


  1. Fashion WITH Function

No lying now. We want to look good when we get dressed. We want to feel comfortable in our own skin. We want to feel amazing and be fully present in life. This can be done with the two features I mentioned above and also with pieces that have a function.

What do I mean, items that are both fashionable and functional?  One example is POCKETS! I think the older I get the more I want pockets on my clothes! Hear me out. I don’t mean just any old pockets. Not pockets that are put on the outside of your hips where I don’t want any more attention. I mean pockets that are not even noticeable!

Imagine…Close your eyes….Picture it….

Putting on the most comfortable So Sexy Wrap Dress, feeling sexy and OH HOT DANG there’s pockets!

That’s the feeling I’m talking about!


What I want you to get out of this is that I want you to be you.

But I want you to be the strongest you there is.

The you that belts out her favorite song in the shower like no one is listening.

The you that sees herself rocking that presentation and having everyone congratulate her.

The you that knows her $hit doesn’t stink and acts on it!

That one. I want that you to be here.


No matter what. You are incredible. And you are Fierce.

Remember that.


Stay Fierce,



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