What Is FierceMODA

What Is FierceMODA

About us…

How amazing would it be to have clothing that not only fits because of size & style,

But something that makes you empowered.



That’s FierceMODA.

We are not only about clothes, but we are also about empowerment.


Assembling an outfit is like selecting social armor. It builds confidence. This is what FierceMODA is all about.

Our clothes help women bring their A-game to work.                    

Our closet isn’t silly, it contains a variety of channels to increased performance, a selection of accesses to the best versions of ourselves.

But this armor is NOT to protect what insecurities we have about ourselves inside. Instead, this armor is building up the strength that we have within. The armor acts as a guardian that builds and grows the strength that we do have.

We all have some. We need to nurture it and let it strengthen.

This is why FierceMODA is not a clothing brand alone.

FierceMODA is a movement of women's collaboration and empowerment.


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