About Us

Let's face it...shopping for clothes online sucks. Most women struggle to buy clothes online that will fit and look good on them. At FierceMODA we created a website that selects customized, personalized outfits based on YOUR shape and size, leaving you feeling powerful, empowered and quieting your self-doubt once and for all.

Here's the problem:

We’re never really sure what we are going to get when we shop for clothes online.

Because fashion, an industry dominated by women’s clothing and women’s money and with this image of sold by women to women, is still largely run by men.

Only 14 percent of major brands are run by a female executive.

Also, did you know that the average woman is a size 16? But the models in clothing ads are between a size 0 and 4.

Return rates for online clothes are as high as 50%. And women buy more than one size knowing the piece will not fit and need to return the rest (if we even return them) Costing suppliers millions.

Clothes shopping online…

1. Is frustrating.

2. It's time consuming.

3. It's annoying.

FierceMODA solves this problem by providing a solution that:

1. Gives you patented technology that measures your size and shape to match you with clothes that fit YOU

2. Showing you 3 outfits on mannequins of YOU that are styled for YOUR BODY

3. Partnering with women who are launching their own clothing line to have a higher chance of success in this industry.


My customers are women.

A woman who always wants to feel empowered and confident in her skin.

A woman who needs to feel as a woman and not a label as a mom, a wife, a “insert career title” here.

A woman who wants to feel relief knowing that when her order comes to her door it will fit!

A woman whose goal in life is to tackle something bigger than herself.

Women that like to increase their inner strength and silence her self-doubt.

You see, FierceMODA is not only “fashion”. FierceMODA is empowerment disguised in clothing.

As a woman who has battled with self-image issues, I understand firsthand the pain and struggle women go through to feel their absolute best and it started with their external armor. We as women know what it feels like when we have an outfit that makes us feel invincible. I want to help women be the strongest they can be, and if it starts with armor then that's how I'm going to do it.

We want women all over the world to have that feeling, when putting something on that makes feel big, and bold. That’s not shallow. That’s transformation.

Join us on this journey. Be the woman who stands up and blazes a trail for all women to stand tall and feel powerful.

Thank you so much for your support in growing this women empowerment movement even if it means starting with clothing.

Confidence is armor you could not buy, until now.